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Service Station Litigation

In today's society, gasoline prices have sky-rocketed. In many instances, this can be a large problem not only for consumers, but for owners of service stations. Some are barely surviving, striving to keep the cost down for the consumer while still attempting to make a living. Oil companies that supply gasoline may be attempting to engage in some unethical actions by not abiding by contractual obligations to their service stations and the owners of those stations.

The attorneys at Perez & Miller have experience in representing service station owners to preserve their rights. There are a variety of cases that can arise related to service stations. Litigation may be required, and can involve cases of (but not limited to):

• Disputes with oil company
  - Contract issues
  - Price issues

• Claims against oil company
  - Not providing gasoline at competitive prices
  - Inordinate difficulty obtaining a station

• Defending against an audit by an oil company

An example of the cases we have handled is Dhillon v. Chevron Corporation, in which we obtained a judgment for $ 3,251,675.90, including post-judgment interest and $ 474,436.50 in attorneys' fees and costs on behalf of a dealer for breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing in the purchase of a service station. Affirmed on appeal.

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